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Web Sites About Cicadas

We're always looking for more Web sites about
cicadas, especially sites that were developed
for younger children.  Please e-mail us if you
know of any sites that are not on our list!

     E-mail us at 

Things to do if you find an adult Periodical Cicada:

You can stick a pin in the Interactive Online Emergence Map.
     This citizen-science project is run by the Lake County Forest Preserve District:
   < >

You can report it on Cicada Mania.
     Go to the Cicada Mania Message Boards, here:
   < >

You can tell your story to the Chicago Tribune's pro-cicada Garden Blog.
     The Chicago Gardener is run by Beth Botts:
   < >

You can take its picture and post it to The Cicada Project.
     This is a project of the Homer Township Public Library.  While 
     the library waits for the real thing, they are being visited by jade
     cicadas from Hong Kong.

   < >

You can write a poem about it.
     If your poem is Haiku, you can enter a contest, described here:
   < >

You (or your pet) can eat it.
     Cicada Mania has useful information on that topic, too:
   < >


These Web sites tell stories about kids or other
people finding cicadas:

One Cool Cicada by Steve Crandall
   < >
     A short article about one man's adventures with his pet
     cicada.  Includes cicada portraits and a sound file.  Follow
     the links at the bottom of each page to Too Cool Cicada,
     Glow Cool Cicada, and Grand Cool Tibicens.

These Web sites have relatively short and simple text:

How Cicadas Sing by Stephanie Bailey
   < >
     A short fact sheet from University of Kentucky Entomology for Kids.

EEK!  The buzz on cicada
   < >
     Basic cicada information.

Cicado i
s a fun site about cicadas, with games, sounds, recipes, and 
   < >

Kids helped develop these Web sites:

Cicada Facts by Koday's Kids
     Mr. Koday is the Technology Director at Ivy Hall School in
     Buffalo Grove, Illinois.  Some of his 4th grade students helped
     make this Web site.

These Web sites have directions for activities:

Here are PDF directions for making an Origami cicada!
   < >

You can also go here for some colorful, printable, folded cicadas: >

Click here to go to a Web page that shows you how to make a cicada paper airplane.

Click here to find directions for another style of cicada airplane.


Web sites that we used to research this site

     Most of these sites were written for adults and older children.

General information about cicadas

Dan Century's Cicada Mania
< >
     This site has news, FAQs, photos, and lots more.
     It also has a huge collection of links to all kinds of
     Web resources, including newspaper stories and
     encyclopedia articles.

University of Connecticut Cicada Central was developed 
by scientists who study cicadas.
   < >

Cicadas of Michigan Web site was developed by museum 
scientists who study cicadas.
    < >

     Information about annual cicadas

Great Plains Nature Center's Dog Day Cicada
Web site (they're located in Wichita, Kansas):
   < >

Ohio State University's Extension Fact Sheet
on Periodical and "Dog Day" Cicadas

   < >

Information about Periodical Cicadas

Go here to see a map of the 2007 emergence area:      
   < >

This site has information about periodical cicadas in Illinois:
   < >

Periodical Cicada Life Stages (University of
Nebraska Department of Entomology):
   < >

University of Connecticut Magicicada Central was developed
by scientists who study cicadas.
   < >

University of Michigan's Periodical Cicada Home Page was
also developed by scientists who study cicadas.
< >

   Information about cicada killer wasps

Beth Botts of the Chicago Tribune offers good advice for folks who are 
worried about these giant wasps.
   < >

Prof. Chuck Holliday's Cicada-Killer Page
   < >

The Cicada Killer Thriller Page 
      < >

Cicada Killer Wasp (Smithsonian Institution BugInfo page)
   < >

Information about controlling cicada killer wasps 

If you've got so many cicada killer wasps in your yard that they're
scaring your family, here are some resources with advice on how
to control them:

Here's a University of Kentucky Entomology site with information
about controlling yard wasps in Kentucky, including cicada killers.
   < >

Here's an Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet:
   < >

Here's a North Carolina Web site with information specific to
North Carolina:
   < >

There seems to be a theme developing here:  It's best to check a 
local source for information about controlling local bugs.  How can
you find a local source?

The following site has links to Cooperative Extension Service offices
across the United States.  For advice that fits your state's climate,
check your state's Cooperative Extension Web site, or call your
local Cooperative Extension Office.  (It may be in your phone book).
   < >

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