Kids' Cicada Hunt!

Hunting for Periodical Cicadas (2007)

The great Emergence of Periodical Cicadas in the Chicago area (where we live) was in May and June, 2007.  We hope folks in the Eastern United States enjoy their cicada adventures this spring, and we are sorry we won't be able to enjoy this emergence ourselves. (Only 16 more years before they return to our neighborhood.)

This page is our gateway to Web resources about Periodical Cicadas (which are also called "seventeen year locusts").  To read about our 2007 cicada adventures, click on the pages listed below.

Shed cicada skins and a newly emerged adult Periodical Cicada found in a clearing at Chicago Portage, May 27, 2007.  Click here to go to our blog.

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These are some of our web-based resources about Periodical Cicadas:

Go here to read our blog about periodical cicadasIt has information, updates, commentary, and links to cicada resources on the Web from the spring and early summer of 2007.

Go here to see photo stories about our 2007 Periodical Cicada Hunt.

Go here to see lists of things we wanted to do during the "Year of the Cicada."  This page includes a list of websites where you were able to report your own cicada finds during 2007.

Are your kids afraid of bugs?  Then here are some resources that may be of help.

Science doesn’t have to be a spectator sport!  Citizen-science projects let ordinary folks do science in the big leagues, managed by the pros.  Go here to read about some Cicada Citizen-Science projects in the Chicago area during 2007.

Speaking of stories, go here to read our story about a time when periodical cicadas came to our area "four years early."  

We also posted several pages with information about local cicada events and news in spring and early summer, 2007.
     Go here to read about cicada exhibits at Chicago-area
        museums and nature centers.
     Go here to read about programs about cicadas at
        Chicago-area parks, botanic gardens, and arboretums.
     Go here for links to online articles from Chicago-area
        news sources.

We have also been following a different kind of story, about how visits to this website change with the years and the seasons.  As cicadas and their predators emerge, do their thing, and die, so do visits to these pages ebb and flow.  Go here to read about it.

We also link to many other Periodical Cicada resources in the menu on the left side of each page.


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The following links take you to pages about Annual Cicadas:

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