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Shed skins of Annual Cicadas. Shed skins of Annual Cicadas held by 5-year-old hands.  They are shed skins of Annual Cicada nymphs.
To read about Annual Cicadas, start here.  

To read about Periodical Cicadas, start here.






Read about the people and the philosophy behind this Web site.  Hunt for cicada nymphs with Aaron and Ethan.  Find more cicadas and cicada-
eating insects. 
Solve cicada mysteries with Ethan and his Dad.   Hunt and keep cicadas, do puzzles, and more! Link to Web sites and read books about cicadas.

This Web site is mostly about Annual Cicadas -- the 
kind that show up every summer.  

Go here to find out when we usually hear and find Annual Cicadas.


Spring, 2007 was the big emergence of Periodical Cicadas (also called in the our area, which includes Chicago and nearby parts of the Midwestern United States. 
Go here to read about our hunts for Periodical Cicadas.


This Web site was developed for children to use together with their parents and teachers.  If you want a more complete (and more advanced) look at the world of cicadas, we recommend that you start with this site:

   Dan Century's Cicada Mania
< >
   It has news, FAQs, links, photos, and lots more.


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